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School Curriculum

The Curriculum is outstanding and meets the needs of all groups of pupils very well.


A distinctive feature of the school is the innovative Earth Curriculum which makes full use of available resources in order to promote high levels of achievement and learning.


For more information about the school curriculum click on the links below or contact the school for a prospectus or for any other inquiries.

The most important principle underlying the Earth Curriculum is…

The Environment in which we spend our time has a profound effect on how we feel, how we learn/perform and how well we relate to others. Whether educating children inside or outside, the environments we create need careful consideration to ensure quality, effective, learning experiences.

Year 2 Expectations
Please click on the link above for information about what to expect for your child in Year 2.  This includes information about the Year 2 curriculum, end-of-year assessments and and how you can support your child at home.